Sunday, 13 December 2009

My pledge

I've discovered that Manchester offers some of the most amazing vintage clothing shops I've ever seen. I know, this revelation has come a little late since I've lived here almost three years now, but better late than never I say! Manchester's Northern Quarter has a wealth of vintage delights but my favourites are Oxfam Originals, Rags to Bitches (which also offers dressmaking classes), Pop and Best Vintage.

We've had a vintage shopping bonanza recently, first with some visiting friends when I bought an orange knitted hat for £4 and 50s sewing patterns, and Mr NLTP got a fab houndstooth peacoat for £30 - and then with my parents this weekend where I tried and failed to buy 1940s tweed pencil skirts but ended up with a 40s-style wool jacket.

I have a strong theory that vintage clothes, particularly from the 40s, are much more flattering to my hourglass figure than modern clothes. Also, let's face it - they're just cooler. So I've decided to make myself a pledge: for the next six months, I will buy clothes only from vintage clothing shops or I will sew them myself (with the exceptions of basics e.g. tshirts and underwear!). I even shook on it with Mr NLTP, so you know I'm serious.

Let's see how I get on - I'll post pictures as I go!

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