Sunday, 21 June 2009

First sewing venture and Etsy

I haven't written in a while as I've been very tired after Guy's sister's fantastic wedding last weekend. However, I have been quietly working away on my top-secret present for my stepmum's birthday and have made quite a bit of progress this week!

Yesterday I decided to venture into sewing (more than just a bag lining) by making a little purse for a friend's birthday. I got the pattern from this book - Sew Fabulous Fabrics - and it was really easy to make. I had some fabric from I-don't-know-when so I used it with some fusible interfacing and all in all it only took about an hour to make. The trickiest bit was sewing on the popper (I sewed it on the wrong way round) and the little button.

Here are some pictures of the finished object:

I love the little button which I found in my mum's old button box. There are some great buttons in there, including stars and lions!

To put in the purse, I bought some handmade earrings from this shop on I absolutely love her jewellery and have also bought 3 pairs of earrings and a ring for me! The items are gorgeous, very reasonably-priced and the shipping rates are great too, even fto the UK. Hope my friend likes her present!

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