Thursday, 16 July 2009

Harry Potter

Not a very original title, but we went to see HP and the Half-Blood Prince last night. I was a bit in the dark, because although I've read all the books and seen the films, I had forgotten what happened in the last one. Nevertheless it was really good, very well-done and much darker than the previous ones, while retaining the funny parts to make sure it was not too serious for a younger audience.

The film opened with Harry in a cafe attempting to chat up a waitress, a good nod to the fact that the cast and characters are growing up. Although the acting of the main characters has vastly improved since the first film, I still cringed at a few various points where responses seemed a bit stilted or overdone.

The cinematography was amazing as always, with swooping views of Hogwarts and nicely-done CGI (this made me laugh when I thought about the early days of CGI and how things have moved on since then!). I felt a bit cheated that more was not made of the story of the Half Blood Prince, as I think this could have been really interesting, but obviously some things had to be cut down to make the film a manageable length.

One thing I really loved in the film was the amazing array of handknitted items on show! I absolutely covet Hermione's grey knitted hat (and have queued this pattern on Ravelry ready for when my knitting skills improve), and there were also some great scarves and jumpers. I would also love to try to make Luna's lion hat which made everyone laugh out loud, but think that might be a bit of a stretch!

Other things happening this week:

- We are in negotiations to buy a new house (exciting and scary!)
- Going to Leamington Spa this weekend for a friend's birthday (exciting!)
- Found a blog by my favourite graphic artist - new compelling reading! Lucy Knisley

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KL said...

Ooh, I long to go & see HP6! My daughter went last night, with a group of friends, but I was not allowed to go. It is uncool to have your mother with you when you are 14! I will go later.

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